Maran Armour

Maran armour is a very standard-issue armour throughout the UEF, particularly prominent in its implementation on infantry armour plating.

It is an inert polymer alloy, first discovered by the Tanaran Empire and used in their vibrant coloured and highly decorative armour styles. The material itself is highly malleable until a strong electrical current is passed through it. Upon this, the molecules immediately interlock and make strong bonds that make it exceedingly difficult to further mould. However, it also becomes incredibly strong and resistant to physical and energy impact to a degree.

Maran is measured in grades, with each grade representative of how resistant the armour is. The newest and best Maran is Grade-5, which is now the standard for the UEF armour suit. Maran has been produced up to Grade-15, but this has only really been used on Tanaran spacefaring vessels. 5 is the best that the UEF bothers to apply, as they only use Maran for infantry armour.

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