Intro Wario's mother's revenge is a fan fiction episode of Friturtoons, and its a sequel to Wario Misbehaves in a Store.


Wario's mother is laying on the ground looking painful & angry, so she plotting to get revenge on Wario. Soon Wario bought the A big for Thomas Ringo Starr VHS to show everyone at the playground to show Yoshi the video he wanted. Then Wario's mother arrived, but the villains began to fight Wario. Wario told his Mother that she is supposed to be grounded. wario punched his evil scheming mother, the cops came & the Wario's mother to jail. wario is happy so he watched his new Thomas video.


  • Narrator: Wario's mother is laying on the ground dead. Then she began to wake up.
  • Wario's Mom: What happened?
  • Narrator: Wario's mother was furious that Wario punched her.
  • Narrator: Later, Wario showed BJ & Yoshi his A big day for Thomas VHS with Ringo Starr dub.
  • Yoshi: You are lucky, Wario
  • Wario: Thanks, Yoshi. I'm glad that I bought my....
  • Wario's mom: (Sneers) Wario, what are you doing?
  • Wario: Mom, what is wrong with you?
  • Wario's mom: You are so grounded! (Gasp) is that a Thomas VHS in your hand?
  • Wario: Yes, mom.
  • Wario's mom: I told you to buy the Barney's adventure to toy land or you will not have anything at all, War...
  • Wario: Shut up!
  • Wario's mom: Let's fight!!!
  • Narrator: Wario & his mother begin to fight. Everyone was watching them. They clapped & cheer for Wario to defeat his evil mother. Then the police arrived.
  • Gordon: Hey, What are you doing Wario's mother?
  • Wario's mom: You are not going to take me to jail!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!
  • Donald: Officer Gordon will punish you for 2 months.
  • Wario's mom: 2 months? You can't be serious!!!!
  • Douglas: Yes we are!!!!
  • Narrator: Wario's mother saw Mario. Mario was cross.
  • Mario: Wario's mother, you've done it this time! You have got mad and punished Wario, you gave him a fake VHS so that Bj & Yoshi would laugh at Wario & planning revenge on Him!
  • Wario's mom: I'm sorry, Mario.
  • Mario: Sorries will not help!
  • Narrator: Wario's mother would never be mean to Wario again.

[episode ends]

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