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  • Wario The Tank Engine (Yellow Version In Great Dicsovery)
  • Mona The Red Engine
  • Jimmy t The Red Engine
  • Kat The Purple Engine
  • Ana The Blue Engine
  • Dr Crygor The Bluebell Engine
  • Orbulon The Iron Duke Engine
  • Spitz The Tank Engine
  • Dribble The Express Engine
  • Mike The Blue Engine
  • 9 Volt The Red Engine
  • 18 Volt The Express Engine
  • Jamie t The Pink Engine
  • James t The Blue Engine
  • Mama t The Pink Engine
  • Papa t The Green Engine
  • Jimmy p The Blue Engine
  • Penny The Pink Engine
  • Heavy The Brown Engine
  • Pyoro The Red Engine
  • Vanessa The Blue Engine
  • Ashley The Tank Engine Twin
  • Red The Tank Engine Twin
  • Young Cricket The Blue Engine
  • Master Mantis The Purple Engine
  • Mr Alien The American Engine
  • Happy Bird The American Engine
  • Pizza Joe The Dark Green Engine
  • Grumpy Bird The GWR Engine
  • Fronk The Black Engine

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