Wario Klattoce
is an Character of the 1997 Tajaha saga WarioWare. he is the Main Protagonist & President of Warioware, Inc. he is an Semi-Obese but Strong Man who is Owner & Leader of the WarioWare Team.



  • Wario is Physically Based on a Super Mario Bros. Character with the Same Name
  • After WariowareWaves (An 2005 Game) was the Worst WareWare Game ever, Wario stopped being the StudiosWare Mascot and was Replaced by Other Character (Flush Numbat), from 2006, Wario is now the  Mascot of ActiVision.

Counterparts (WarioWare (T,J&H Productions)/WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon Version) (Male Version) (Hero Version)


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