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Chapter One

All was Peacful in the Mushroom kingdom guessed It Bowser Returned. It wasnt really bowser who started the trouble though.

Bowser:*is Walking in Toad Town towards Peach's Castle*

A Toad:Ahhh! Bowser Alert!

Toad 2:Ahhhh! *Pushes a Button*

Intercom:Bowser is back! Everyone to their houses!

  • All the toads run to their houses and lock their doors*

Bowser:Heh. Less Trouble for me. *punches the gate to Peach's Castle*

  • Gate collapses*

Mario:*is at the Door of the castle ready to knock*BOWSER-A!

Bowser:Hmph...You again.

Mario:*gets in a Fighting stance*

Bowser:BWAH HA HA! Step aside Mario!

Mario:*Takes out a fire flower and turns fire mario*


Kamek:*floats down from the sky* *blasts a Powerful spell at mario*

Mario:*is hit,and K.Oed*

Bowser:*breaks down the door and walks in the castle*Peach! I'm back!

Peach:*comes down from the stairs* *Gasp*Bowser!

Bowser:Yes,i'm here....

Kamek:*grabs Peach*

Peach:Let me go!

Bowser:Back to Bowser Castle! >:D

Peach:*trying to break free*

Wario:*Runs in castle*Heh heh heh heh! *goes Metal Wario and punches Bowser hard*

Bowser:*flys into wall* *KOed*


Wario:*punches Kamek*

Luigi:*runs in*What-a Happened!?

Wario:*punches luigi into wall*

Wario:>:D *Grabs peach and Teleports all the power stars to him* *teleports somewhere unknown*


Mario:*wakes up next to bowser,Kamek,Luigi,and a Bunch of toads*

  • All are in Bomb-omb battlefeild*

Bomb-omb Buddie:Welcome!

Chapter Two

Mario:Where-a is Wario-a!?

Bomb-omb Buddie:Wario?

Luigi:*is scared*Where-a Are we Mario!?

Mario:*ignores Luigi*He has-a Peach!

Bomb-omb B:Peach?

Mario:Nevermind...*looks around and see The top of the hill which King Bomb0omb stands*Hes back!?

Bomb-omb B:Yes,and you must help us!

Bowser:*wakes up*Whats going on!? Wheres Peach!? Where are we!? *sees Mario*Mario!

Mario:*sees Bowser*Not-a again....

Kamek:*wakes uP*What happened?

Bowser:Be quiet Kamek,and Watch me school Mario!

Luigi:*shivers* D:

Bowser:*blasts a Flame of fire at Luigi*

Luigi:*fire burns butt*MY-A BOOTY-A! *Grabs butt*

Mario:Bowser! Leave us alone!

Bowser:What are you gonna do?!

Mario:*takes out a Fire flower* *turns fire mario*I'm-a gonna School-a You!

Bowser:Grrrr....MARIO! *Blasts fire at Mario*

Mario:*jumps over Fire*

Mario:Now-a Surrender!

Bowser:Never! *blasts more fire at mario*

Mario:*jumps over it again* *jumps up and Super punches bowser*

Bowser:*flys into A random brick wall*

Mario:Time to be defeated! *takes out a Metal suit and turns Metal Fire mario*Bye-a Bye-a! *blasts a Super Mega Fire Blast at Bowser and Kamek*


Bowser and Kamek:*K.Oed*

King Bomb-omb:*sees the explosion*Now whats that? *Explosion causes him to fly off his Cliff* *lands by mario*

Chapter Three

King Bomb:You knocked me off my Cliff. Time to be Destroyed Mario!

Mario:Cant-a I get-a rest?

King Bomb:*throws a bomb-omb at Mario*

Bomb:*runs around Mario* *explodes*

Mario:*has the bomb-omb explode on him* *sigh*SUPER MEGA FIRE BLAST! *Blasts the fire at King bomb-omb*

King Bomb:Ahhhh! *jumps out of the way*

Mario:Awwww man-a...

King Bomb:Grrrrrr....*punches mario*

Mario:*metal suit is shattered*Awww..come-a on-a!

King Bomb:Heh....*Punches Mario*

Mario:*is punched* *K.Oed*


Toad:You can do it Luigi!


King:Time for your death Luigi...

Luigi.......O_O.............RUN-A AWAY! *Runs to the top of the cliff*

King:*jumps up to the top*No Escape...


King:*attemps to punch Luigi*

Luigi:*dodges*This-a not-a Good! D:

King:You're Damn right. *Attemps to puch luigi again*

Luigi:*Dodges once more*Ahhhhhh-a!

King:Grrr...*throws a bomb-omb at luigi*

Bomb-omb:*runs around luigi and explodes*

Luigi:*bomb-omb explodes on him*Ouch-a....

King:*once more Attemps to Punch Luigi*

Luigi:*Punched* *Flys up into air*AHHHH! *Takes out a fire flower and a metal Suit while He is in air* *Turns Metal Fire Luigi* *Lands on two Feet*Time-a to be-a Destroyed King-a! SUPER ULTRA FIRE BLAST!

King:*is Hit* *Shatters*

Luigi:*sigh* *Faints*

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