Kazon Male

A Waroot Male

Kazon Female

A Waroot Female

The Waroot are a violent warrior species that made contact with the humans in 2571. The Waroot are a humanoid race, having at least two racial variants, one minority race with brown skin and the most common race with copper-colored skin. The foreheads of all Waroot featured distinctive ridges and their black or brown hair grows in large chunks rather than individual strands. Waroot society was patriarchal, divided along gender lines, with female Waroot typically spoken down to and treated as second-class citizens. A male Waroot will generally not tolerate being given orders by a woman. Male Waroot children were usually raised as warriors. When they come of age they took part in trials to earn their adult names. When they had earned their names they were considered to be true warriors. Displays of affection from a father to his son are considered a source of shame for the son. Many Waroot began to leave their society to live in UE space when they heard about the equal rights for all species.

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