Warren the Big Red Engine

Warren the LNER Class W1 Big Red Engine.

Warren is an red LNER Class W1 4-6-4 engine. He is a pompous and gentle giant engine. He is friends with Connor, Spencer, and Gordon.


  • Allies: Thomas, Gordon, James, Henry, Percy, Stanley, BoCo, Daisy, Mavis, Emily, Stepney, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Spencer, Connor, Flying Scotsman, Murdoch, Hank, Caitlin,
  • Enemies: Diesel, Diesel 10, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Vinnie, Big City Engine,
  • Personality: Kind, Pompous, Strong, Nice,

Counterparts (Thomas Version)

  • Jack-2 (Tekken)

Counterparts (Magicai Island Version)

  • Murdoch or Gordon (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)
  • Scuttlebutt Pete or Big Mac (TUGS)

Theme Music

  • His Theme Music is the Season 5 Song "Harold the Helicopter".


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