Name: Warren Joseph Carver. Player: Tame Fisher Gender: Male. Age: 40 as of September 15th, 224. Weight: 208 lbs. Height: 6'3. Hair color: Reddish orange. Eye color: Blue. Ethnic origin: Irish. Interests: Mythology, VSL matches, riddles, Terran linguistics. Likes: History books, romance novels, physics. Dislikes: loud music, cockroaches. Image: "Work Clothes" Being Intimidating Theme song: Elliott Carter - In Sleep, In Thunder, #4. Species Type: Newtype. Other Information:

-Although a compassionate humanist and occasionally even heroic, Warren pursues a life of danger and intrigue mainly for the sheer thrill of it. It is an adrenaline addiction that only the strange and mysterious can sate. Despite this, he has generally been shown to be a poor fighter and generally avoids physical battles. The few instances in which Warren does engage in combat, however, usually result in victory by eye gouging, crotch kicking, or any other manner of underhanded maneuver. Carver's return to active duty was pre-empted by a two week CQC course, which, combined with his 'lie, cheat, and steal' credo, granted him a slightly above average fighting ability. In the months that followed, Warren continued his basic drills, maintaining himself just above the borderline physical requirements for Legionnaires.

-Warren has an extensive education, and is familiar with police science, biology/human anatomy, remedial astronomical science, industrial psychology, social philosophy, and military history to some degree. He is by no means an expert in these fields, however; he's more of a bookworm than a scholar.

-Warren was at one point an active enlisted military officer, and has gone through basic combat training. He is familiar with small arms, though not particularly quick on the draw. Carver flunked out of the pilot academy, but possesses rudimentary knowledge of mobile suit mechanics and increased his prowess phenomally over the first few months of active duty, piloting just about anything from a training suit to an advanced mobile armor in live combat. His last few months operating advanced mechanics of supposed 'fifth generation' mobile suit technology have revealed a more creative side to his growing strategic ability.

-Despite all his studies, Warren has never taken the time to "officially" learn to drive a car, and therefore has no registered driver's license. He relies on public transportation, or sometimes his contacts to get around when piloting a mobile suit isn't an option.

-Typically forsaking firearms during his time as a detective, Carver is nonetheless forced to carry a service weapon when on duty as an officer. His standard armament consists of a .357 Mateba Model 6 "Unica" Autorevolver (a gift from an old colleague), and KM2000 combat knife. During full-scale field ops, Warren will occasionally utilize heavier armament and equipment, though his training with such gear is typically below average.

Biographical Information:

Warren Joseph Carver grew up in Maladyville, a slum town on Conviction, raised by his abusive alcoholic father. It appears that his father more than once killed a girlfriend during a drunken rage. His mother, a prostitute who resented his interference in her business, was presumably the first of these victims. He and his older sister Cheryl lived briefly with their aunt and uncle in Iso to escape from their father's alcoholism and imprisonment, then moved back to Conviction once Warren was old enough to live on his own. It was during these years that Mr. Carver took to studying military and political science as a way of distancing from his uneducated, brutish father. Warren eventually made his new home in Luniere in 214, rooming with Niles Berkeley, a young man who went on to become Carver's closest - and longest surviving - friend.

By 217, Carver had become something of a wanderer, furthering his studies while forming strong connections with Alliance Legionnaires. (Niles' was a traditional military family, with a few exceptions..) In 219, he travelled back to Iso hoping for free room and board from Niles' relatives while inquiring about a job with his uncle, but instead came across a group referring to themselves as the International Newton Society. This group of conspiracy theorists, headed by John Berkeley, Niles' second cousin, had been using a small shipping yard as a base of operations in their search for the truth behind the Earth's "secret history." Driven by the ambitious but groundless belief that they were destined to defend humankind from some grave threat the governments have blinded the public to, these followers of the occult dedicated their lives to exposing the negationist tactics of superpower propaganda machines. Inspired by their determination to uncover the universal truths, but somewhat freaked out by their overall lack of real direction or organization, Warren Carver left the company of the Newtonians and enlisted in the Lunarian spacy.

This didn't last long, however, as he was relegated to assisting the chief risk officer of a Lunarian civil defense corporation (essentially a secretary in military dress), a position that put his about as far away from any chance of field work as possible. He was honorably discharged in 220, after nearly a year of trying to loophole his way out, and once again met up with Niles, now living with John and his lackeys and running a delivery service out of Iso. Inspired by childhood dreams of changing the world for the better, and an overwhelming urge to do something insane to make up for the monotonous paperwork of his last job, Warren offered Niles and company an alternative to shipping circuit boards cross-satellite for pocket change: a private detective agency. Combining his years of social and scientific studies, John's paranoia and extensive black ops expertise (or at least, his claims of such), and Niles' driver's license, Newton Investigations was born!

Working privately, at first, Warren eventually ended up as a sort of civil liaison after an investigation deemed his discharge unjustified and he was more or less forced to find some alternative to active service. Despite his private practice, Carver has a legal obligation to share any and all information relevant to the security of the Alliance with his superiors-- something Warren has gone to great lengths to cover up, as no one really wants to hire a P.I. working under a bias.

Unfortunately, this arrangement did not last-- with Lord's return as Supreme Commander and de facto president of the Alliance, Carver was forced back into active duty. It was not long into his first scheduled patrol that he ran afoul of Martian recon units-- particularly one pilot operating a deadly Gundam on the lunar surface. His actions in pushing back the accosting mobile suit earned him a spot on the prestigious Nemesis, following Lord's legacy under the callsign "Pepper."

Participating in the first battle of Spearedge, he was one of only six Alliance pilots to survive the entire trip home-- one of which was captured by Vermillion scouts after the destruction of the colony. It was during the exodus from Spearedge that Carver's actions in rescuing a stranded Urian family brought him to the attention of the Alliance media. Branded a hero by Artemis, he joined Lord's personal battalion in Apollo Company, and fought again at the second battle of Spearedge-- a victory, this time, and one impossible without his near-suicidal charge of the Martian fleet. It was soon after this, however, that he began to doubt his place in the Alliance's new world. He was not a war hero; he was barely even an adequate pilot. Lord expected so much of him..of the world, and there was little indication of him ever receiving anything in return.

When Lord collapsed, Carver simply gave up. Granted a temporary leave to perform his civic duties back on Conviction, he vanished from the public eye just long enough to touch base with what really mattered-- the truth. The truth of it all was the Martian people themselves had no say in this war-- their cries for mercy fell on deaf ears long before the Alliance touched down on red soil. The empires of Mars had to be brought down, brick by brick if necessary-- and the Alliance needed to commit itself to such a task if there was to be any hope for the future. Warren had his new mission: he was going to save Mars.

To do so, he had to emerge himself in the art of mobile suit war. Entrusted with a legendary instrument of death, Carver resolved to venture deep into the history of Mars, Luna, and that terrible war that cursed them both to perpetual destruction while remaining blind to the consequences of their actions. If another all-out war erupted between the Alliance and both Martian Empires, Earth would die-- not a slow flooding, not a freezing heat death, but in a swirling inferno kindled by the flames of human ignorance.

Unfortunately, Carver's enlightenment came too late, as the battle inevitably reached Earth when another weapon from the Great War-- the Divinidad --emerged in the frozen Arctic. Awakened by a terrifying vision, Warren saw the catastrophic event as many would: from above. In the aftermath of the Divinidad's destruction, Warren was charged with securing the release of Alliance captives held by retreating MIST forces; it was in the process of retrieving the prisoners that he learned of the killer the entire system would soon know as Imperator.

Warren returned to Iso following the incident-- only to learn of an attack on Side 4 by a weapon matching the very same description he received on Conviction weeks earlier. The next six months of Carver's life weren't spent in training or praying to gods he didn't believe in-- they were gods that had let Haven fall, and had let Earth die. No amount of training could prepare him for something no man or woman had ever faced and emerged unscathed. Armed with the White Doll, Warren Joseph Carver set out to become the warrior the Alliance, and Lord, had thought him to be.

Attack after attack, Imperator laid waste to the Artemisian lands, Carver always arriving too late-- sometimes even by minutes --to fight the beast. During his hunt, he delved deeper into the workings of the Turn A and similar units, learning of their hidden dangers and the threat they posed should their power be abused. With every new stone overturned, he began to see things..connections..he began to put the pieces together. He remained solitary, however, unwilling to let the secrets of weapons of this caliber fall into the hands of a military power-- not even the one he served. Day after day, he tracked the monster's progress, traveling as far as the Martian Sphere before his Alliance superiors demanded he return to duty.

Returning to Side 4, Carver soon found a new position as part of the Grahn reconstruction effort. Benefitting from his celebrity status in the Alliance, Carver's presence attracted a number of independent companies, including Yapo Corporation, IsoTech, and most prominently, Hughes Interplanetary. Combined with government aid, Grahn seemed to be making headway despite such terrible losses, and Warren seemed committed to rebuilding the Side..until May 3rd, 226.

Affiliation: Alliance of Artemis Prototype Mobile Suit: SYSTEM Turn A-99 (WD-M01) Turn A Gundam

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