Warren Cook - Brian

Dad - Alan

Slippy V - Professor

SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl - Julie

Caroline0204 - Diesel

LouieLouie95 - Eric

Drew Pickles - Paul

Gage - Kimberly

Starscream - Wise Guy

Olaf - Young Guy

Yoshi - Kidaroo

Phil DeVille - Young Guy

Lil DeVille - Kate

Kimi Finster - Kimberly

Jazzi - Princess

Noodle - Kayla

B.B. Jammies - Shy Girl

Ka-Chung - Kendra

Foo - Ivy

Custard - Jennifer


Warren uploaded the opening to Wall-e 2008 Real not Fake. When his father saw it, he could see that the opening was actually real. To this, he got ungrounded. He called Slippy V and his friends to congratulate him. Coulden Pettit couldn't make it so his son Gage took over.


Warren: Today I'm going to make the opening to Wall-E 2008 Real Not Fake.

(Warren uploads video)

Dad: Did I see that you are actually making a real opening?

Warren: It's dad.

Dad: Tell me the truth.

Warren: Yes, I made a real opening.

Dad: Let me see.

(Warren's dad sees that Wall-e was made in 2008)

Dad: Warren, that opening is real. It did come out in 2008. I'm calling Slippy V and his friends to congratulate you on a job well done. You're ungrounded big time.

(After Slippy V and friends come)

Dad: You have some visitors who want to congratulate you.

Slippy V: I'm Slippy V and thanks for making a real Disney Opening.

SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl: I'm SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl and thank you for uploading a real opening. Wall-e was my favorite movie when I was little.

Warren: I agree with you two.

Dad: Thanks for saying that. You had five compliments and you used one of them. When they're used up, I'll take you to Orlando.

Warren: Why?

Dad: Because, Warren, Orlando is a city with Disneyworld and you know you like Disney.

Caroline0204: I'm Caroline0204 and you will watch any videos that are made by Disney.

LouieLouie95: I'm LouieLouie95 and your real VHS openings are the best.

Drew Pickles: I'm Drew Pickles. You can watch my show although they're made by Paramount.

Gage: I'm Gage. Coulden Pettit couldn't make it so that's why I'm taking his place. Anyway, he is proud of you for making a real opening.

Starscream: I'm Starscream. You did good in making a real opening. You can watch my videos because they're made by Marvel.

Olaf: I'm Olaf. You can watch my movies. Why? Because they're made by Disney.

Warren: Thanks Olaf. I love Disney.

Dad: Thanks for saying that. That's your second compliment. Three more and you win you trip.

Yoshi: I'm Yoshi and thank you for making a video that's real.

Phil DeVille: I'm Phil.

Lil DeVille: I'm Lil.

Kimi Finster: And I'm Kimi. We're from All Grown Up and we're glad that you made a real VHS opening.

Jazzi: I'm Jazzi.

Noodle: I'm Noodle.

B.B. Jammies: I'm B.B. Jammies.

Ka-Chung: I'm Ka-Chung.

Foo: I'm Foo.

Custard: And I'm Custard and we're the Save Ums. We're so glad you made a real VHS opening.

Dad: Now the visitors will give you some rewards.

Warren: Thank you.

Dad: Warren, thanks for saying that. You made three compliments. Two more and you get your trip.

Slippy V: You will not wear any diapers for the rest of your life.

SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl: I agree with Slippy V. Not only that, you can go any fast food places you like.

Warren: This makes my day.

Dad: I agree. One more compliment and you can go on your trip.

Caroline0204: You can eat any food you like.

LouieLouie95: You can drink anything made by Pepsi.

Drew Pickles: Last week, I donated all your stuff made by Paramount to my daughter Angelica but my wife told her that Angelica was grounded for misbehaving on the way to the Tatiana and Krista Hogan Conjoined Twins premier so I had to donate them back to you. Anyway, you're unbanned from watching Disney.

Gage: You will not watch anything not made by Disney. I'm sure Coulden Pettit will be so happy when he sees that opening you made.

Starscream: If you had made a fake VHS opening, I could have caused a resonance cascade like I did in Game Stop.

Olaf: You are free to watch my movies from now on.

Yoshi: I agree with Olaf.

Phil DeVille: You can watch the episode where I take the trash away.

Lil DeVille: I agree with my twin brother but I'm sure you didn't take away our fun like he did.

Kimi Finster: If you continue to make VHS openings that are real, you can watch any Disney-related movie anytime you like. Besides, we will like your openings.

Jazzi: From now on, you'll not watch our TV show because it's made by DHX Media.

Noodle: I agree with Jazzi.

B.B. Jammies: Me too.

Ka-Chung: Me three.

Foo: Me four.

Custard: And me five.

Dad: I agree what the visitors say.

Warren: Thank you all. I wish you were undead.

Dad: Thanks for congratulating us and wishing us all undead. As for your fifth compliment, let's all go to Disneyworld in Orlando.

Warren: Thanks you, and have a good day.

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