Warrior's Forest is a TUGS parody of the Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends episode "Henry's Forest".


Warrior has lived in Bigg City Port and wishes to live nowhere else. His favorite place to visit is the forest. Everytime he goes, it reminds him of the day he and O.J. brought some young trees to the woods and Coast Guard's Messenger and The Goods Engine helped move them to the right places.

One night, a storm had come to Bigg City Port, and wind blew hardly. Ten Cents wondered what the noise was, and O.J. said it was only the wind. Top Hat said that if Big Mac wasn't with them, he'd guess it was him thundering by. Warrior was worried about the wind damaging the forest.

The next morning, the storm had caused damage to the forest. Warrior went off to the forest with Frank, who was loaded with railroad flatbeds for the trees. The trees were loaded onto the flatbeds and taken to the factory, where they would be made into furniture. Warrior was feeling sad to see some of the forest go away. O.J. and Ten Cents feel sorry for Warrior and wish they could help, but they cannot repair broken trees. Later, O.J. meets Captain Star and tells him the problem. Captain Star then tells O.J. to go up river to collect a special. O.J. is then surprised to see a barge full of young trees and takes them to the forest like he was told to do.

Later, Warrior is surprised to see that Coast Guard's Messenger and The Goods Engine were working on the hillside. Coast Guard's Messenger tells Warrior that they're making the forest look better than before. Soon, the work is done, and Warrior now goes by the forest, seeing the trees grow tall.

Cast (in order of appearances)

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