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About Warriors

Warriors is a fabulous series, written by two authors under then pen name of Erin Hunter. There are currently two series, one finished, one uncomplete. And a novel is coming soon, as well as a third series, and maybe a Special Edition book. It is about four clans of cats and their adventures in the forest.

Spoiler Warning!

In the original Warriors, we follow the story of a kittypet called Rusty, who works his way up to being a Clan Cat. He finds himself in the wild world of the clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan. He is basicly the main character of each of the books. Eventually he works his way up to being leader, after his crazed former leader, Bluestar, dies. She had lost her belief in StarClan until she was just about to die. Maybe she wasn't as crazy as some thought...then he must go up against a terrible enemy: Tigerclaw of TigerClan in the book Darkest Hour. Eventually, Tigerstar [claw] gets what is coming to him, and was killed by a dark BloodClan cat, Scourge.

In the second series, two-legs have destroyed the cat's home. They go under a journey to find a new place to live. This series is still uncompleted.

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