Locations are in red and elaborated on in the text.

In-Game Interface

1. Armor Gauge

Displays your fighter's stamina. When the gauge drops to zero, your fighter will enter Vanish State. If you are attacked in this state, you will lose the round.

2. Charge Gauge

Certain attacks and actions deplete the Charge Gauge. Actions such as your barrage technique or any sort of complicated move input will deplete one bar. Activating an anti field will drain half of your total bar. Being attacked by melee will decrease your bar. When you enter B.O.S.S. mode you will deplete down to the last full bar (for example, if you have three and a half bars full and enter B.O.S.S. mode, you will receive the same amount of time as if you were at just three bars). Being hit while having your barrier up will drain your charge gauge. Your charge gauge will naturally increase over time or when you successfully hit your opponent.

3. Rounds

Displays the number of rounds required for victory for the current stage. One round indicator lights up each time you win a round, and they all light up once you've won a stage (only in versus).

4. Time Display

Shows how much time is left in the match. When it drops to zero, the match reaches Time Out, and the player with the fullest Armor Gauge will win the round. If both players have the same amount of Armor Gauge remaining, the match will go into overtime.

5. B.O.S.S. Stock

Displays the number of times you can activate B.O.S.S. mode. In versus mode, your B.O.S.S. stock will be replenished by one every time you lose a round.

6. Overdrive Display

Displays Overdrive status (On/Off).

7. Main Weapon Gauge (Outer Ring)

Displays Main weapon attack status (Reloading/Ready) and is the range of your regular melee.

8. Sub Weapon Gauge (Inner Ring)

Displays Sub Weapon attack status (Reloading/Ready) and is the range of your Sub close range attack.

9. Status Information Display Area

Character Names, Cartridge type, scores, remaining fighters (score attack), previous action history, and other information is held here. You can change the brightness and transparency in Options under Display Settings.

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