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  up+back (ub) - 7 8 9 - up+forward (uf)

      back (b) - 4 5 6 - forward (f)

down+back (db) - 1 2 3 - down+foward (df)

Note: These numbers can be easily referenced by looking at your keyboard "numpad". Think of it as a joystick/controller that is facing to the right. "5" is used to signify "neutral".

  • M- Main weapon, Main button (X button by default)
  • S- Sub weapon, Sub button (Y button by default)
  • A- Action button (Dash/Barrier)(A button by default)
  • M+S- Pushing M and S, or Barrage button (B button by default)
  • R- Release all button
  • L- Inputting lever
  • CWR- Clockwise Full Circle Motion (for example 8,6,3,4,8)
  • ACR- Anticlockwise Full Circle Motion (for example 8,4,2,6)
  • A+M+S- Final Attack (Final BOSS only)
  • D- Dash
  • B- Barrier
  • DM, DS, DMS- Dash Main attack, Dash Sub Attack, Dash M+S attack
  • BM, BS- Barrier Main attack, Barrier Sub Attack
  • C- Cancel Dash
  • IT- Invincible time

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