Antoninianus -- plural: antoninianii. A coin created by Caracalla to supplement the debased denarius. Because of its relative weight and fineness, it is sometimes called a double denarius--this greater value is indicated by a radiant crown on the emperor's head. The antoninianus was originally a silver coin, but was itself debased to become a copper coin with a thin silver wash. The Emporer Constantine discontinued it.


The Yancey's meeting with Rafe Willliams came about some two weeks later, on a sultry min-morning in May.

Arris cautioned his deputies that morning at breakfast to use the utmost tact in their call upon the Williamses. He put it to them squarely:

"Now, fellers, be keerful today. mought this feller- I don't even know his name-wouldn't be so powerful friendly-like. They aint no reason ter think ill of him an he never said nothin fer him-an frum th way he looked I taken that Wash warn't none too proud ter have his acquaintance."

he looked from face to face to be sure they had his meaning.

"Don't bust in a-shooting," he said. "Ride in slow. Jest as t him. neighborilke, ef he wants me ter git him his land, an find out how much an whur at, an come on back-all four av ye-with whole skins."

After breakfast was over and the horses had been saddled, he cautioned them once again. He was standing on the porce as they milled about in the dooryard, tightening their saddle gitrths.

"Be neighborly, now. Feller don't usually trap him no trouble onless he baits fer it. Now, git!"

-Give Us This Valley, Tom Ham 1952

Be friendly now.

Union Problems in Colorado

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