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The Washington Academy is a private school located in upstate New York.


  • Charles Xavier: Current Head Master
  • Scott Summers: Geometry Teacher
  • Emma Frost: Ethics Teacher
  • James "Logan" Howlett: Wrestling Teacher
  • Piotr "Peter" Rasputin: Art Teacher
  • Katherine "Kitty" Pryde: Computer Science Teacher
  • Xi'an "Shan" Coy Manh: Teacher of the lower school, Librarian
  • Amara Aquilla: Geology Teacher
  • Remy LeBeau: American History Teacher
  • Anna-Marie: Algebra Teacher
  • Dr. Henry P. "Hank" McCoy: Science Teacher
  • Robert "Bobby" Drake: Math/Accounting Teacher
  • Kurt Wagner: Drama Teacher
  • Ororo Munroe: Biology
  • Danielle Moonstar: Chemistry
  • Sean Cassidy: European History
  • Rahne Sinclair: Spanish
  • Jean-Paul Beaubier: Music Theory
  • Jean Grey-Summers: Special Class Teacher
  • Annie Ghazikhanian: Nurse
  • Moira MacTaggert: Government Teacher
  • Marilyn: Chef/Cafeteria Lady
  • Miss Downing: School Counselor


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