Waste Chä is a deadly Chä of the Sin Zodiac.

To become a Waste Chäotic you must be in the Black or Grey alignment and in the Corrupt or Emotional class. Below is a description of the powers.


Here is a description of the Waste Chä powers.


  • Decay: Causes objects to melt, rust, decay, or waste away into nothing in mere seconds. It resembles the Time-Decay power except is MUCH more powerful. Often times, this power is active and the Chäotic doesn't realize this causing them to destroy objects of importance. There is a very fine line between this being a Black or a Grey power.
  • Spoil: Causes energy and food products to waste away or become unusable. Basically it is the food and energy version of Decay.
  • Poison: Fills organic matter with deadly toxins or sickness. This can be a small cold or an acidic poison. Even going near a Waste Chäotic makes you feel sickly if he has recently used this power.


  • Drain: Causes energy and power from nearby people (both allies and foes) to drain away into nothing. Effectively making anyone near the Waste Chäotic feel tired and weaken their powers.

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