As a universal religion born initially in the desert of Arabia, Islam describes the most sacred qualities of water as life giving ,sustaining and purifying resources . “It’s the origin of all life on earth, the substance from which god created man” (alfurqan 25:45) “We made from water every living thing” (al-anbiyaa 21:30) “And its he who created the heavens and the earth in six days and his throne was upon water” (hud 11:1).

Believers constantly reminded that it is Allah (god) who gives water to people, and he can easily withhold it. Believers warned that they are only the guardians of god creation on earth.

Use of water in Muslim ceremonies:

In one of his hadiths, Prophet Mohammad tells his companions :{ cleanliness is half of faith}. Purification through ablution is an obligatory component of the Islamic prayer rituals. The prophet Mohammad urged moderation and thriftiness in the use of water during ablution; he warned that each step of ablution should not be performed more than three times before each prayer.

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