The Kids Rabbits Come to Play In The Flowers, 


  • Richard Briers as Young Fiver
  • Dave Foley as Young Hazel
  • Roy Kinnear as Young Pipkin
  • Ryan O'Donohue as Young Blackberry
  • Spencer Fox as Young Dandelion
  • Victor DiMattia as Snowflake The Rabbit
  • Rory Carty as Peter Rabbit
  • Andrew Clifheroe as Benjamin Bunny
  • Jenny Moore as Flopsy
  • Mary Jane Bowe as Mopsy
  • Sarah Woolcock as Cotton-Tail
  • David Jason as Kid Rabbit #1
  • Liz English as Kid Rabbit #2
  • Gabirel Damon as Kid Rabbit #3
  • Pui Fan Lee as Kid Rabbit #4
  • John Morris as Kid Rabbit #5
  • Sarah Freeman as Kid Rabbit #6
  • Candace Hudson as Kid Rabbit #7
  • John Fielder as Kid Rabbit #8
  • Michelle Horn as Gilia
  • Will Ryan as The Lively Little Rabbit
  • Judith Barsi as Snowdrop
  • Nicholas Bird as The Red Squirrel
  • Erica Beck as Brother Rabbit
  • Mary Moder as White Bunny
  • Dickie Jones as Oliver the Rabbit
  • Scott Grimes as Kid Rabbit #9
  • Eva Gabor as Mother Rabbit
  • Lacey Chabert as Kid Rabbit #10
  • Lucille Bliss as Kid Rabbit #11
  • Joe Ranft as General Woundwort
  • Andre Stojka as Captain Campion
  • Brian Trueman as Vervain
  • Edward Kesley as Chervil
  • John Alderton as Narrator


Music By James Horner


  • "The Second Star to the Right" - The Jud Conlon Chorus & The Mellomen
  • "Bright Eyes" - Randy Newman
  • "The Time of Your Life" - Randy Newman
  • "Bright Eyes (Duet Version)" - Mike Batt

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