• Jerome "Doc" Crystal as Bob
  • Sprocket as Percy Pea
  • Exterminator as Larry
  • Gobo Fraggle as Junior
  • Red Fraggle as Annie
  • Wembley Fraggle as Jimmy Gourd
  • Mokey Fraggle as Laura
  • Boober Fraggle as Jerry Gourd
  • Various Fraggles as Various Peas
  • Three Dozers as Dad Asparagus, Archibald, and God
  • Driver as Mr. Nezzer
  • Workers as themselves


[To begin the sketch, Larry is using a long stick to feel inside the large mouse hole at Bob's workshop.]

Bob: Well, my pea is always speaking down that hole, so I figured there's got to be something in there.

Larry: Rats, snakes. Could be any number of reasons to overbill you, but... not to worry. I've got something that should take care of the problem. (throws what looks like a lantern into the hole)

Bob: Uh, will that kill them all?

Larry: Nah, so I'll know where to throw this!

[He throws a grenade into the hole, ducks, and throws himself on top of Percy Pea to cover both of them up from an explosion. Meanwhile, in Veggie Rock, the VeggieTales characters (along with Dad Asparagus, Archibald, and God are happily singing.]

VeggieTales Characters: Happy, happy day! Veggie says it's a happy day. Happy, happy day! Nothing could go wrong...

[Suddenly, the grenade falls down into Veggie Rock and explodes, causing the place to start collapsing and throwing the VeggieTales characters off of their feet.]

Various Peas: Help me! FIRE! Oh, my God, my feet!

Junior: Holy pea! We've gotta get out of here! Run!

[The place continues to collapse, and the panicking characters run for it until two boulders block the way of some of the characters.]

Various Peas: Oh, look out! Hurry! Hurry!

[Junior pops out of a hole and comes out before one more boulder blocks it.]

Junior: (in fear) Oh, that's bad!

[The screen flips to Junior, Annie, Jimmy Gourd, Jerry Gourd, and Laura, who are next to an open road and still alive.]

Annie: What are we going to do? We have no home!

Junior: (trying to calm down everyone) Hey, hey! Mr. Lunt's been sending me postcards from the outer world for years. (shows three peas, two of which are from Aspen and Ft. Lauderdale with three hedgehogs on them and the last from Philadelphia with three veggies) With their guidance, I'll find us a new Veggie Rock!

Jimmy Gourd: (hysterical) Wait! Stoooop!

Junior: What's wrong, Jimmy?

Jimmy Gourd: I see a terrible thing coming - fire and death! There's blood everywhere; something very bad is coming!

Junior: You know, you need to work on the "pre" part of premonition, bumblebee. (kicks Jimmy Gourd in the crotch) In your balls!

Scallion #1: (also kicks Junior's crotch) Take that!

Annie: (kicks him as he groans in pain) Yeah, kick those balls!

Jerry Gourd: (also kicks him) There you go!

Jimmy Gourd: I now have a vagina.

[The VeggieTales characters walk up to the highway, where an orange van zooms by, confusing Annie.]

Annie: What was that?

Junior: (looks at a traffic jam postcard from Detroit) Mr. Lunts says they're called: "Beep-Beep-Out-Of-the-Way-Veggies"! But they're harmless.

[The VeggieTales characters start crossing the street, but a cream-colored car zooms by them.]

Mr. Nezzer: (honks horn) Out of the way, veggies!

[The VeggieTales characters continue crossing the road; various vehicles, including a school bus, two red cars, a blue one, and a black limo, swerve to dodge them.]

Other Drivers: Out of the way, veggies!

[By the time the VeggieTales characters have made it halfway through, the vehicles start to flip over, so they shield themselves for protection; when Wade remains, two of the vehicles (the limo and one of the red cars) crash, setting him on fire, and he screams loudly and runs in circles as he burns to death. The VeggieTales characters only watch in shock as this occurs.]

Jimmy Gourd: (stammers) D-d-d-d-...death!

Junior: (punches Bo to knock him down) You should have warned us! I'm sure our troubles are all in the past.

[The next flip shows a stream, where the VeggieTales characters are being chased across the water by Percy Pea.]

Junior: Hurry - he's right behind us!

Jimmy Gourd: Go, go, go, go, go!

[Heavy gets caught by Percy Pea, who rapidly shakes him back and forth, hurts him, spits him out, speaks, and leaves.]

Scallion #2: (gasping for air) Hey, guys, help... please, kill me...kill me, please- (other VeggieTales characters beat him to death with sticks, making him yell in pain) Wait, wait! Stop! I've changed my mind!

Junior: Hang in there; we're almost done!

[The next scene flip is of a farm, where the now hungry and tired VeggieTales characters crawl to the barn door.]

Jerry Gourd: I can't go on! Just leave me!

Laura: We need food, Junior. We're starving!

Scallion #3: (with a lisp) I smell radishes!

[He runs off-screen; then a neck-strangling noise is heard, so the other VeggieTales characters go behind the barn and find him struggling to free himself from a rope trap next to a radish patch.]

Junior: He was right. Look at all the radishes!

VeggieTales characters: Hooray!

Junior: Eat up; there's plenty!

[The VeggieTales characters start eating the radishes as Junior shoves one into the dying Scallion #3's mouth to feed him; then he rolls over, dead, and the screen flips to the underground of the characters' new home.]

Jerry Gourd: We've made it!

Junior: (as the remaining characters cheer) This is it, gang - our new home! And now, let's start repopulating.

Jimmy Gourd: (suddenly scared again) Wait - I'm getting another vision! (as we zoom up to his eyes) I see... I see... (jumps up onto a rock) that I'm gonna get my freak on!

[He chuckles and dances until a tremor is heard, frightening the VeggieTales characters.]

Laura: (hugging Annie) What is that?!

[An oil drill appears behind them and they are all spewed out of an oil tower as two workers watch.]

Junior: (as the VeggieTales characters scream) Oh, no!

[The now dead VeggieTales characters fall to the ground, ending the episode.]