Elom-Elomin NEGAS

A Watraii and a Watraiian

A Wattraii are a short, heavy race of shaggy humanoids native to the underground caverns of the planet Watraii. Their fur is oily and thick, and their skin is tough enough to withstand the sharp rocks and stones of their habitat. Their fingers and toes end in hooked claws that are used to grasp and dig. Their eyes are set on short stalks on either side of their heads, and their mouths are punctuated by two short tusks. They are peaceful herbivores, and have remained outside of the galactic community while the Watraiian have embraced the galaxy. Some younger Watraii have been outspoken about receiving the benefits realized by the Watraiians, and this dissention was only heightened when the Fen Domar took control of Watraii. The Watraii race evolved on the surface of Watraii , but moved underground to search out roots and tubers when the water levels of their planet dropped.

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