A more refined version of the Yamato Gun, the Wave Motion Gun uses a refined refraction system to allow pinpoint aiming of the particle beam generated by the deccelerating tachyon beams as in a Yamato Reaction. The system is further supplemented by a secondary power source that effective doubles the low firing rate of the Yamato Gun by reducing the recharge time of the tachyon capacitors. The increased power consumption results in a non-neglible degree of radiation leaking around the primary weapon housing.

This radiation increase, as well as the still unproven Tachyon Decceleration Effect, is a considerable risk for users of this advanced weapon, and typically requires the installation of substantially thicker shielding around the facility. Attempts to alter placement of the weaponry to reduce this risk are hampered by the need to maximize the lines of fire for the weapon given it's still relatively slow rate of fire.

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