The way of Iskander, introduction

The way of Iskander is a Wikipedia:Castle_Falkenstein_(role-playing_game) campaign (let us be adventurous and choose campaign over adventure). WoI is inspired by the conquest of Afghanistan by Alexander the great and its ulterior colonization by the British.

Edward William Lane brought back from Egypt a papyrus written in Ancient greek describing the secret location of... Explains why Alexander rushed eastward.

Meet Edward_William_Lane


Map Conquest of Alexander the Great


Some inspiration


Meeting Mr Lane

This is winter 1867, a particularly cold winter. "Sunny Worthing" ( Wikipedia:Worthing ) is no more than a holiday souvenir and it's pier seems to gale dangerously. Mr Lane lives in a little house in Brighton street with a view on the sea.

GM needs to figure out a reason to have the PCs to spend a few days with Mr Lane, <age>, his nephew mr XXX, <age>, and their maid Miss Clayton, 51. (Add picture of Mr Lane)

Mr Lane and his nephew are currently working on a new edition of their English/Arabic dictionnary.

PCs need to find a 2000 Yr old papyrus dating back to Wikipedia:Ptolemy_I_Soter the first from ancient Egypt. Mr Lane acquired it from a copt tombraider who said he had found it the necropolis of Alexandria.

The papyrus is a letter from Ptolemy 'Soter' the first to his son and heir Ptolemy 'Soter' the second.

En route to India


Final goal

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