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The Way to Normal is a musical anime by Rosearik and Travis Simons, with a soundtrack by James Cronin. The film is rated R, and the soundtrack has not yet been issued. The tracks are as seen below.

1. Way To Normal [Cronin, Simons, Wolfgarth-Simons]

2. Free Coffee [Cronin] (New Version)

3. Effington [Cronin, Simons]

4. The Frown Song [Cronin, Wolfgarth-Simons]

5. Jesusland [Cronin] (New Version)

6. Trusted [Simons]

7. Hospital Song [Cronin, Davidson]

8. Late [Cronin]

9. Regrets [Cronin]

10. Song for The Dumped [Cronin, Lynch]

11. Lullabye [Dirge, Cooksey, Cronin]

12. Cologne [Cronin, Simons]

13. Way To Normal, II [Cronin]

14. The Sins of My Youth [Simons, Cronin] (As Neon Trees)

The movie's end titles where also sung by James Cronin, redoing his song "Best Friends".

The movie is about a young zombie named Ben (voiced by Zack Shada), who's trying to find a more normal life.

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