Here is my first attempt at using a Wiki. A Wiki is a place where something can be written, and then posted for all to see. One of the advantages of using a Wiki as opposed to a normal website, is that the information posted can then be edited and changed by anyone else visiting the site. We will be using this over the course of the year to work on improving our writing. Instead of just writing essays as you may have done in classes in the past, we will be writing them as Wikis. So your job over the course of the semester will somethimes be to write the essay, and then others times your job will be to edit and improve on another person's essay. In essence, we will be improving our writing by collaboratively writing our Extended Response Essays to improve everybody's.

Extended Reponse Topics

First Semester

    1. Was Reconstruction a Success or Failure?
    2. Should the U.S. enter WW1 or not?
    3. Should the 21st Amendment to the Constitution be Ratified?

Second Semester

    1. Should the U.S. remain neutral, or enter WWII?
    2. Should the U.S. drop the Atomic Bomb?
    3. McCarthy / Red Scare

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