• Professor Screweyes: Yaargh! (Rex mumbling) Whoa, ooh! Whoa! Uhh! Yaargh! (Rex growling) Oh, no, no... Waaaaaaaahhh! Waaaaah-aaaaaaaaaah!
  • Stubbs the Clown: The professor! He's gonna kill the professor!
  • Louie: Rex, no, don't do it!
  • Cecilia: LOUIE!!
  • Stubbs the Clown: What are you crazy?! You'll be pulverized!
  • Louie: No, don't do it! Rex, don't do it, I'm telling ya. (Chomp sound) I-I know you can't understand me but you gotta.
  • Cecilia: Oh please...don't let bad happen!
  • Louie: You don't wanna be like them, don't ruin everything 'cause you're mad or scared something, it can't be all about that, or what's life for? I know I act I'm the original tough guy, but that's because I'm scared too!
  • Professor Screweyes: Ugh! Aaah! Nooo!
  • Cecilia: Let no bad happen!

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