the cast

  • Pac-man as rex
  • Evil Pac-man (with ball and chain) as rex is a real animal
  • Blinky as woog
  • Inky as dweeb
  • Ms pac-man as elsa
  • Orson as captain neweyes
  • Pikachu from pokemon as vorb
  • Toad from super mario bros as louie
  • Toadette from super mario bros as cecilia
  • Sonic from sonic the hedgehog as stubbs the clown
  • Ganondorf from the legend of zelda as professor screweyes
  • Pinky as dr julie bleeb
  • Kirby from kirby as buster the bird
  • Adeleine from kirby as buster's mother
  • King dedede from kirby as buster's father
  • Keeby, Ribbon, Waddle dee as buster siblings

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