We Need Another Engine is a fan-fiction Thomas & Friends episode for Season 21 made by SuperMalechi, which aired after "Little Western"


Sodor's Legend Of The Lost Treasure has just been published, but Andrew Brenner, unaware of Frank the diesel's presence on the Arlesdale Railway, did not include him, much to Frank's fury. Frank refuses to start the next morning, and when he does, he jerks into the back of the shed. Frank feels ashamed, but redeems himself later when Rex's steampipe leaks and he has to rescue Rex's train. The Small Controller is pleased, but doesn't want Frank to have to do all the rescue work and starts thinking...


  • Frank
  • Rex
  • The Small Controller


  • US/UK Narrator: Mark Morghan.

Music Included

  • Season 19-21 Beautiful Theme (beginning)
  • Frank's Theme (Frank is cross)
  • Season 3-21 Accident theme (when Rex crashes into the back of the shed)
  • Season 21 ArlesdaleTheme (when Rex is taking his train)
  • Season 5-7 Accident Theme (when Rex breaks down
  • Season 7 Busy Theme (when Frank rescues Rex)
  • Mr. Fergus Duncan's Theme(When he praises Rex)


Michael Angelis US narration

Michael Angelis UK narration

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