Axe: The axe was considered a tool, not a weapon before the Dread War. Battleaxes and war-axes are now manufactured. Axes were always used as weapons in Redkeep, as they were Amelio Rensin's favorite.
Bow: Bows were the ranged weapons of West End. While they did not see much use in Redkeep, Sir Rensin's knights were profficient in the bow.
Broadsword: A longsword (here) is called a Broadsword. It has a long one sided blade,slightly curved at the tip, and a wrapped basket hilt. Broadswords must be left at home during social occasions and in drinking/eating establishments. Use the stats for longsword in the PHB.
Club(cudgel): With it's beautious construction by Elven smiths this has become the most common weapon in West End. It is never considered rude to have a cudgel hanging from one's belt, and wealthier citizens have more decorated cudgels. The cudgel is one of the only two weapons considered appropriate for duels.
Crossbow: While plans exist in town so that these could be manufactured, only one is rumored to exist in civilian hands.
Dagger: Everyone owns at least one dagger, and it sees use in cutting, eating and general tasks at least twice a day. An idiom has developed for doing something silly or foolish "forgetting his dagger".
Greataxe: Some of sir Amelio Rensin's oldest knights may remember seeing one of these weapons long ago, but only in legend.
Greatsword: Exactly two of these currently exist in West End, both owned by Sir Amelio Rensin. They are loaned out once a month to train anyone wishing to learn their use, but it is generally considered an impractical and cumbersome weapon.
Falchion: This sword did not exist in West End before the Dread War. It is now used by members of the Tortoise clan. To anyone not of Berezin upbringing this is considered an exotic weapon.
Flail: This is for the most part thought of as a farming implement. Anyone using the flail as a weapon would be truly unique.
Lance: While jousting is almost unknown in West End, some of Sir Amelio Rensin's knights own an old lance from their time in Dimhold.
Mace: The mace is not often used as a weapon. There are about 30 light maces and 15 heavy maces sitting in the West End armory gathering dust. While it would not be considered wrong to use a mace, it is almost never seen.
Morningstar: This weapon is considered an exotic weapon to anyone but an Elf. They can be made, but there are only a few in town, all owned by Elves.
Pick: Thought of as a mining tool, no one would use it as a weapon.
Polearms: Every militiaman is trained to use a pike in formation. If the town was ever attacked in mass, pikemen would be vital for its defense. A few glaives, Guisarmes, Lucern Hammers, and Halbreds exists, and town guard are trained on them when time allows. Occasionally guards will be seen carrying a pole arm, but usually at official occasions, or as pennance.
Quarterstaff: Always one of the most functional weapons, these are finely constructed by Elves(WE) and always decorated. One of the only two weapons appropriate for dueling.
Rapier: This weapon does not exist as it has no practical application.
Scimitar: This sword did not exist in West End before the Dread War. It is now used by members of the Tortoise clan. To anyone not of Berezin upbringing it is considered a martial weapon.
Sickle/sythe: These are gardening implements, not weapons.
Short sword: A short sword is carried only slightly less commonly then a dagger. Useful in a variety of ways.
Smallsword: Despite the name, this out-of-fashion sword is the same size as a longsword. It has a double edged blade and a simple crossbar at the hilt. It is a straight blade. Use the statistics for longsword in the PHB.
Sling: A common ranged weapon for collecting game or for target games. All but the most battle seasoned warriors consider this a toy.
Spear: A formidable weapon with many practical applications, this became a famous weapon with the formation of the Company of the Red Spear.

Warhammer: As impractical as a mace for normal use, many of these are locked in the armory collecting dust. Some clerics of Kinden kept one at home for its beauty, often decorating them with golden holy symbols. As Kinden's favored weapon, clerics of Kinden typically carried a Warhammer or Mace (like Benjamin Haight).
Whip: Whips in West End are only used for keeping animals in line, thought Anghoroth Aidman was famous for using one as a weapon with a dagger attached.

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