civilian weapons

D.A.S. Brand U.K-43762 Utility Knife price: 400

makeblade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w U.K-43762 Utility Knife

D.A.S. Brand P.D.B-00010 Personal Defence Blaster price: 3400

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w P.D.B-00010 Personal Defence Blaster

D.A.S. Brand S.R.-71 Security Rifle price: 5100

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w S.R-71 Security Rifle

D.A.S. Brand DP-03 Defender Pike price 1100

makepike &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DP-03 Defender Pike

sporting weapons

D.A.S. Brand S.K-7734 Survival Knife price: 700

makeblade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w S.K-7734 Survival Knife

D.A.S. Brand H.B-125 Trueshot Blaster Pistol price 3700

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w H.B-125 Trueshot Blaster Pistol

D.A.S. Brand H.B-125s Trueshot Blaster Pistol with scope price 3750

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w H.B-125s Trueshot Blaster Pistol with scope

D.A.S. Brand H.R-159 Long Range Sporting Rifle price 6900

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w H.R-159 Long Range Sporting Rifle

D.A.S. Brand H.R-9863cts "Deadeye" Sporting Rifle with computer target-finding system price 12000

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w H.R-9863cts "Deadeye" Sporting Rifle with computer target-finding system

military weapons

D.A.S. Brand A.S.K-411 Army Survival Knife price 800

makeblade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w A.S.K-411 Army Survival Knife

D.A.S. Brand S.R.B-92631 Scout Recon Blaster price 4200

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w S.R.B-92631 Scout Recon Blaster

D.A.S. Brand F.D.B.P-936 Fleet Defence Blaster Pistol price 4100

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w F.P.B.P-936 Fleet Personal Blaster Pistol

D.A.S. Brand H.C.R-7734 Heavy Combat Rifle price 6800

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w H.C.R-7734 Heavy Combat Rifle

D.A.S. Brand L.C.R-2319 Long range Combat Rifle price 7300

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w L.C.R-2319 Long range Combat Rifle

D.A.S. Brand A.B.R-900 Assault Blaster Rifle price 7500

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w A.B.R-900 Assault Blaster Rifle

D.A.S. Brand L.C.R-3192cts Long range Combat Rifle with computer target-finding system price 13200

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w L.C.R-3192cts Long range Combat Rifle with computer target-finding system

D.A.S. Brand R.F.P-2006 Rapid Fire Pistol price 4800

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w R.F.P-2006 Rapid Fire Pistol

D.A.S. Brand D-152 Light Assault Rifle price 7400

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-152 Light Assault Rifle

D.A.S. Brand D-345 hold-out blaster price 3900

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-345 hold-out blaster

D.A.S. Brand D-357 Heavy Blaster Pistol price 4500

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-357 Heavy Blaster Pistol

D.A.S. Brand D-7193 Heavy Assault Rifle price 8000

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-7193 Heavy Assault Rifle

D.A.S. Brand D-666 Anti-Vehicle Rifle price 97200

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-666 Anti-Vehicle Rifle

D.A.S. Brand DG-09 Fragmentation Grenade price 80

makegrenade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DG-09 Fragmentation Grenade

D.A.S. Brand DG-72 Thermal Detonator price 90

makegrenade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DG-72 Thermal Detonator

D.A.S. brand DG-89 Concussion Grenade price 85

makegrenade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DG-89 Concussion Grenade

D.A.S. Brand DM-12 Infantry Mine price 75

makelandmine &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DM-12 Infantry Mine

D.A.S. Brand DM-69 Vehicle Mine price 95

makelandmine &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DM-69 Vehicle Mine

D.A.S. Brand DP-05 Light Force Pike price 1000

makepike &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DP-05 Light Force Pike

D.A.S. Brand DP-11 Heavy Force Pike price 1500

makepike &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DP-11 Heavy Force Pike

Ceremonial weapons

D.A.S. Brand DS-019 Ceremonial Longsword price 900

makeblade &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DS-019 Ceremonial Longsword

D.A.S. Brand D-109 Ceremonial Blaster Pistol price 4000

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-109 Ceremonial Blaster Pistol

D.A.S. Brand D-112 Ceremonial Blaster Rifle price 5500

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-112 Ceremonial Blaster Rifle

D.A.S. Brand D-130 Diplomat's Blaster Pistol price 3900

makeblaster &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w D-130 Diplomat's Blaster Pistol

D.A.S. Brand DP-51 Ceremonial Force Pike price 1700

makepike &RD.&BA.&RS &BBrand&w DP-51 Ceremonial Force Pike

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