Thomas and Percy have to collect some coal trucks from the Coaling Plant and take them to Brendam Docks. On the way to the Docks, they meet some new naughty tank engine twins called Plick and Plack that look different to Bill and Ben. After they took the coal to the Docks, they puff back to Tidmouth Sheds. But on their way back, they see Plick and Plack pulling tar wagons to the roadworks. On the way to the Roadworks, Plick and Plack tease Thomas and Percy about being slow and tells them that they are faster than them. This makes Thomas and Percy cross.

Later when Thomas has to help Rosie at the Quarry, Plick and Plack were biffing and bashing their stone trucks roughly and they bump into Rosie and they push him under the gravel hopper and Rosie gets covered in gravel from funnel to footplate. Then, Thomas pulls Rosie out of the hopper and takes her to the wash down.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Rosie
  • Plick and Plack

Stanley, the rest of the Steam Team, Arthur and Stepney are most likely to appear.

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