Weird World is a British/American Disney comedy animation television series based on the Disney film and sequel with the same names. Just like The Amazing World of Gumball, each episode has "The" in the title. Each season will have 40 episodes.


Series 1

  1. The Postman - The postman falls ill, so George and Craig have to deliver the mail for him.
  2. The Boat - George buys a speedboat, but it doesn't seem to work.
  3. The Sponge - Sponghuck finally gets his chance to shine.
  4. The Pie - Craig cooks a pie, but it grows into a giant monster.
  5. The Challenge - Stephanie falls into a coma due to an allergic of bananas, so George has to complete a banana challenge at the Fruity Tooty restaurant to win an Frost Crown for her.
  6. The Karaoke - George and Stephanie sing karaoke at the Weird World Pub.
  7. The Dare - George and Craig dare Joe-Freddie to find out if the moon really is made of cheese.
  8. The Party - George, Craig, Tyler, Sponghuck and King Axecutioner plan a party and invite people from all over town.
  9. The Quarrel - Sneezy and Crusty fall out after a faulty game of Snap.
  10. The Torch - Craig shines his torch at a wall and it creates a magical portal.
  11. The Barman - The new barman at the Weird World Pub sticks up to Hank.
  12. The Book - A book is about to give Stephanie the shock of her life!
  13. The Hole - George, Craig and Roger fall down a hole and end up on the other side of the world.
  14. The Secret - George finds out the secret to BlockSnake's powers.
  15. The Pet - Tyler brings home a pet - a guinea pig, or he and the others think it's a guinea pig.
  16. The Car - Larry is fed up, because he waits impatiently for George and Craig to drive him.
  17. The Mystery - Someone has stolen the Giant Ruby at the Museum and it's up to George and Stephanie to find the culprit.
  18. The Fire - George, Craig and the fire brigade have to put out the biggest fire known in town.
  19. The Race - Larry and Weidler decide to have a race around the city, but there's a problem - Weidler is very slow.
  20. The Pickle - Larry is in need of repairs, so Jagen the pickle car offers to help George get around the city.
  21. The Kite - King Axecutioner takes off on a kite, so the rest of the gang have to save him.
  22. The Rainbow - George learns that Debra is attracted to rainbows.
  23. The Food - Hugo Hunger is always hungry, but how will he feel when he goes to a dinner party at George's house?
  24. The Hotel - George and Craig spend the day with Scooter and Josie at their hotel room, which is where they live.
  25. The Rescue - George and Craig have to help Rocko and Slimy with their first rescue.
  26. The Instructions - Some instructions on how to build a new water slide go missing.
  27. The Beach - George and his friends spend a quiet day at the beach.
  28. The Graffiti - George and Stephanie must work out who keeps doing graffiti all over the city.
  29. The Pepper - Bash gets a sore throat, so the gang have to make him better before his big comedy performance at the theatre.
  30. The Dog - Scooter must take care of Atom-Pup.
  31. The Phone - Sponghuck is obsessed with George's new iPhone.
  32. The Elevator- The elevator which leads the gang's secret rooms, is stuck with George, Stephanie and Craig inside it.
  33. The Tree - Atom-Pup runs up a tree and he can't get down.
  34. The Oven - George discovers how to bring Crusty back to life if he dies.
  35. The Mirror - King Axecutioner accidentally breaks the mirror and bad things start to happen.
  36. The Puck - Stephanie has to beat Vanessa at ice hockey.
  37. The Window
  38. The Game
  39. The Painting
  40. The Ring

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