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The Welcome Area (WA) is the name given to the starting point for all new residents coming into Second Life
In Sep. 2008, new residents were arriving at a Help Island and NOT a Welcome Area
In Nov. 2009, Morris Welcome Area was the "landing point" for the Welcome Area on Mainland and included a infohub near the common corner of Ahern, Dore, Bonifacio and Morris welcome areas. These four welcome areas made up the Welcome Area on Mainland
Ahern Welcome Area
Ahern - Second Life Wikia
Ahern Welcome Area on Flickr
Torley falls into the Ahern Welcome Area and flies
The WELL: W. James Au, 'The Making of Second Life'
#0, #1, #2, #5, #7, #11, #12
Wired Travel Guide: Second Life
Camping Noobs in Second Life
Bonifacio Welcome Area
Dore Welcome Area
Morris Welcome Area
Morris - Second Life Wikia
Morris Welcome Area on Flickr
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Hanja Welcome Area
Region: Hanja
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Snapzilla Snapshot - Kit Namanari - Hanja, foehn Breed - @Hanja, Peta Lytton - Hanja Welcome Area
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BlogHUD: Almost like a parallel universe, welcome to hanja!
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Second Life for Dummies, p. 56-57
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Plum Welcome Area
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Waterhead Welcome Area
Waterhead - Second Life Wikia
Help menu > Tutorial
Help menu > Report Abuse …
How to Report Abuse
Central Square: Second Life Answers
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Help Island
Orientation Island

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