A refugee moved to Britain, his home country underfire from all directions, and even from within.

He arrived and was shown to his new-home, a damn sight better than his old-one. It had two bedrooms, two more than his old. It had a toilet, a separate room to sit in and even a 'kitchen' - apparently a place to prepare food.

The man was very grateful, that the British would house him after leaving his inferior home for fear of being killed.

He wanted to thank someone, anyone. The man rushed out of his secure home, closing the door behind him, before tapping on that of his neighbours.

There was no answer.

He moved onto the next. Again no answer.

After continuing this trend for another two doors, he finally heard movement inside.

An Arab came to the door. "Yes?" He asked.

The refugee looked disapointed and asked, "Where are all the Brits?"

The Arab laughed; "Oh you won't find any in. Those stupid bastards are in work."

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