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The Wells System is a 6-planet solar system in the Earth Empire. It is located in the Delta Quadrant.



Durham is the first planet and was a key colony in the Wells System until the entire population was destroyed by the Skregg's Voraxna Bioweapon. Durham was Class-M.


Stafford is a Class-J world with over 500 moons. It is a training ground used to train fighter pilots in the Empire.

Wells System Erebus

Erebus (Concept Art)


Erebus is a Class-D world with 4 moons and 20 Empiret colonies littering its surface. It is used as a Research & Development Facility.


Mayko is a Class-D colony planet that is prone to massive mining operations due to the large amounts of ore beneath its surface. It has 7 moons.


Tagren is a Class-J world with over 500 Empiret colonies scattered across its 30 moons.


Farcry is a massive Class-M planet with no moons and almost 700 colonies across its surface.

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