Wembley (also known as Dumbo) is a movie spoof fanfic, and the fourth movie spoof fanfic to be written by sasagirl. It also spoofs the Disney movie Dumbo. The story started on July 20th, 2012, and finished on September 26th, 2012.


  • Wembley Fraggle (Fraggle Rock') - Dumbo
  • Stella ('Dragon 'Quest 'IX': 'Sentinels 'of 'the 'Starry 'Skies') - Timothy Q. Mouse
  • Swan Nayvous ('Imagine': 'Ballet 'Star') - Mrs. Jumbo
  • Flotsam ('Dark 'Cloud' 2') - The Ringmaster
  • Sun Shang Xiang ('The 'Dynasty 'Warriors 'series 'of 'video games') - Dandy Crow, the Leader of the Crows
  • Brittney ( Imagine: Cheerleader ), Rachel ('Imagine': 'Cheerleader'), Nina ('Imagine': 'Music 'Fest'), and Myriam ('Romancing SaGa) - The Four Other Crows
  • Rebecca (sasagirl's' 'version 'of 'Imagine': 'Soccer 'Captain') - The Elephant Matriarch
  • Lilica Felchenerow (Arcana Heart), Lassi (Magical Starsign), Mari ('Drawn to Life'), Carmyne (Grandia Xtreme), Sue and Puffy (Grandia), and Celine Jules (Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Second Evolution) - Various Other Gossipy Female Elephants
  • Various Tasty Sims and Fun Sims (MySims) - Various Circus Clowns
  • Various Marjoly Family Nyankos (Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure) - The Pink Elephant Characters
  • Etoile Rosenqueen (Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure) and Lumpy (Happy Tree Friends) - Various extras

Plot Summary

Following a similar plot to Dumbo, some things are different in the story, just like The Great Celestrian Observatory Detective, The Burg King, and Hui Zhong and Company.

The Story takes place in a circus setting, and begins with a formation of storks delivering circus performing Fraggles to the various circus performers. Swan Nayvous's Fraggle friend-pet is delivered to her belatedly by Lumpy, and exhausted moose, but he is well recieved by the other female circus performers - until the size of his ears are revealed. The fraggle, named Wembley Fraggle by Swan, is immediately re-christened as "often wembling" by the gossipy female circus performers, who shortly regard the both of them as outcasts. The two then get along fine without them, however, until Swan is impriosned as a "mad woman" after trying to defend Wembley from a crowd of teasing spectators. A faerie named Stella becomes his friend and mentor, and then crafts a plan to make him a star.

Stella then subliminally convinces Flotsam, the ringmaster of the circus, to set up a "pyramid of pachyderms", to the top of which Wembley will jumo using a springboard. The act goes horribly wrong, the big top falls to the ground, the other female circus performers are seriously injured, and Wembley is unceremoniously demoted to being a clown. His clown act, however, involves him falling from a platform in a dramatized fire rescue into a vat of pie filling. The audience reacts well to the act, and the clowns decide to alter the act for the next show so that he falls from an platform times higher than the original one, making it 1,000 feet.

After an emotional visit to Swan's cell, Wembley and Swan try to plot their next step. They then settle down for a drink of water outside of the clowns' tent. Unknown to them, the water has been spiked with moonshine, and they both become drunk, seeing Marjoly Family Nyankos sing and dance before their eyes.

They then awake the next moring0 in a tree over 100 feet (30m) up, awoken by a gaggle of amused girls. Stella surmises that Wembley flew the both of them to the top of the tree while they were drunk, an idea the girls find hilarious. Nevertheless, they decide to help her teach Wembley to fly. By convincing him he can fly with the use of a feather, they succeed in getting him to fly.

Wembley then shows up at the next clown "fire rescue" performance with his feather; however, he looses the feather after leaping from the platform. Stella admits that he can fly without the magic feather, and, barely avoiding death from the fall, he openes his ears and soars through the air, to the amazement of the audience. He then is made the star of the circus and an international celebrity, and he and Swan (now free) are reunited and given their own private train car on the circus train.


  • This is the first appearance of one of the Fraggle Five main Fraggles, Wembley Fraggle.
  • While posting her previously MSF, sasagirl had thought about the pairing of Wembley and Swan. She somewhat thought about using them as Oliver and Jenny from her Disney "Oliver and Company" spoof, so she decided to use them as Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo for her Disney "Dumbo" spoof.
  • This is the third time that Marjoly Family Nyankos are incorporated into the story.
  • Because of the "Nyankos on Parade" scene, Wembley might could have a fear of Marjoly Family Nyankos. It then would be approved that he really could be really afraid of them, including Akuujo Family Nyanshes, in sasagirl's upcoming MSF, The Many Adventures of Wembley Fraggle, parodying the Disney Movie "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".

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