Wendy Blume
Wendy Blume
Wendy Blume, holding a clipboard on her hip.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'7" (139.7cm)
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Race Caucasian
Blood type AB
Birthday June 10th, 1980 (Gemini)
Birthplace Flag of AustraliaDarwin, Nothern Territory, Australia
Hometown Flag of the United StatesSan Diego, California, USA
Affiliation(s) Civilian
Delta Defense AllianceDelta Defense Alliance
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Вэндый Блум
Flag of Greece Greek Ουέντυ Μπλουμ
Flag of Japan Japanese ワェンティ・ブルーム
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
华文地 (Huá Wéndì)
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese
華文地 (Huá Wéndì)
Flag of South Korea Korean 웬디 블룸
Flag of the Arab League Arabic ويندي بلوم
Flag of Israel Hebrew ואנדי בלום
Flag of India Hindi वॆनदी बलूम

Wendy Blume is an Australian-born anthropologist working in the Southwestern United States.

Wendy is not officially scheduled to appear until Sapphire Episode VII.[1]

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