Ordo Dracul
Known Vampires.Common Knowledge


Wesley Corso is the Whip of the Mekhet clan and a high ranking member of the Ordo Dracul. He has been in the city for just over a century and led the Ordo Dracul for a short time while Kanis was in torpor. A scholarly intellectual, he seems to be a stereotypical dragon. It is well known that his role in the Ordo Dracul is that of a teacher. He often stands in for the absent Mekhet Priscus in Prisci meetings and many in the city think of him as the leader of the Mekhet. He has never been known to frenzy or lose his calm. He is always very helpful and friendly and seems to always be there when anyone needs him. He seems to always know everything. There is a rumor that he can read minds. He bravely took a great personal risk in exposing the diablerist Johnny Relic. He was asked to be an Archon by Diego and accepted. He was unexpectedly named Priscus Harpy after starting a political struggle against a Prince who many in the city view as corrupt. He recently lost an eye.



Played by Danny aka "FastDanny." his previous Crimson Shadow characters predate the current chronicle and include the unlucky, Ventrue, Carthian/Invictus, Life-boon debtor Vincent Coleridge and the Nosferatu Dragon Arkantos "I'm Naked and Covered in Blood."

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