Welcome to my organization page on the West End Campaign Setting. Here I organize my list of NPC's, adventures, histories, etc.
If you are not me or one of the players in my game, please do not edit this page.

Political Borders of Killara

The West | Berezin | The Old Kingdom | Dungeons and settlements


Aidman Academy of Alchemy and the Arcane
Company of the Red Spear
Council of the West
knights of Dimhold
Northern Alliance
Old Kingdom Alliance
Red Lancers
The invaders


flora and fauna

Character and NPC's

Heroes of West End
Council of the West
Townspeople and tradesmen
Spirits and monsters(WE)
villains of the West


weapons(we) and armor(we)
Magical items


Animal Pantheon
Church of the All-Father
Defunct Church


West End Rules Variations differences and alterations

Historical Timeline

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