The state flag for Western State.

State Capital: New Pine

Largest City: Creston City (1,123,005)

Total Population: 7,077,429


Mike Cromwell, (R) Governor of Western State.

Western State's capital is in the northwestern region of the state in the city of New Pine, which is less then 15 minutes from Evergreen City. The current elected governor is Republican Mike Cromwell, who was born in Dalmont.

HISTORY It has been known that native indians have lived in the land since about the time of Jesus. A few indian tribes had modern civilizations. The northwestern tribe of Salmonish had a capital city with running water and even electricity. They had a written language, currency, and a mail service. Today some of their artifacts can be seen at a Salmonish Indian Museum in Evergreen City. The eastern shore of Western State was supposedly visited by Vikings in the 1400s. Europeans first visited the eastern and western shore during the early 1500s. Settlers did not move in until the 1550s on a few select sites on the eastern shore. None of those settlements exsist today. South eastern Western State and the southern shore became the first area of settlements in the country that lasted. Creston City became the main city during the time of the 1700s. When the land became part of the United States of Westernland in 1777, the people were overjoyed. Already people moved towns along the eastern coast as far as Seawest City. Still the Northwestern territories remained unexplored. The national government sent a party of over fifty men to explore the unchartered northwest of Western State in 1800. This uncharted area was anything northwest of Dalmont. Dalmont became a major city of the wild west during the time. By 1850, Evergreen City was first being settled by settlers.

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