The Westonka School Board consists of seven members. The candidates for the Westonka School Board election held on November 6th, 2007 election are: Ray Salazar, Tom Notch, John Johns, Gary Hejna, Ann Bremer, Roger Bredeson, David Botts, and Kenneth Bencker. They are running for 4 of the 7 seats.

The district's voters will also be voting on a 10 year Operating Levy that is expected to raise $877,000 per year if approved.

At the last election involving the Westonka School District (11/7/06) there was an Operating Levy and a $57,985,000 Bond put before the voters. Both failed. The Levy lost with 39% in favor and the Bond lost with 33% in favor. Roughly 8,500 people voted on the questions.

The Westonka School district generally includes: Mound, Spring Park, and parts of Minnetrista and Orono.

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