The Wetakk are bald humanoids with pale skin, easily identified by the bone crest around their heads. The females bone crest tends to be round and does not change, while the males usually have a three tiered bone structure that grows throughout their adulthood. Their ears are small and at the base of the neck and they lack eye brows. Nevertheless, some Wetakk men are able to grow beards. Wetakk do not perspire the way humans do. At night, their skin secretes a kind of fluid which they strip away with a chemical. Wetakk apparently do not require as high levels of oxygen as humans do, and they can fast for as long as two weeks. The Wetakk are a deeply spiritual, highly ritualistic and highly disciplined people. They seek conformity and enlightenment above all. Honor is everything and they generally do not lie, except to save another or to help another save face. From birth to adulthood, they are taught to be selfless and learn the importance of service to all aspects of life. Working for generations, they create a legacy for themselves and are ready to sacrifice their lives, their blood, or their honor for others. Since spirituality and discipline are their way, Wetakk are less likely to act on their passions. They have a ritual for everything and usually listen very carefully to words of wisdom. While earth culture is much more free spirited and impassioned, were people default on their passions and sometimes forget the lessons of the past. Wetakk society is segregated into a caste system. The three castes are the Worker Caste, Warrior Caste and Religious Caste.

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