Ah, the end of another day. Everyone in the World Grand Prix had been very hard workers. They were very happy and proud. Except Miguel Camino. He was sick.

Lightning McQueen: What's wrong with you, Miguel?

Miguel: My tank is hurting.

McQueen: Maybe it's hurting with you!

Miguel: It isn't funny! You don't care about me!

But Carla Veloso saw Miguel was leaking oil. She was worried. The next day, Miles Axlerod arrived.

Axlerod: Lightning McQueen, Miguel Camino, and Francesco Bernoulli, you must get some carts, and take them to the harbour.

McQueen and Francesco: Yes, sir!

Miguel watched McQueen and Francesco drive away. He wasn't feeling well.

Miguel: I must not complain.

He was leaking more and more blood, as he went to the yards. When Carla saw this, she was very worried indeed. Then, McQueen and Francesco outran Miguel.

Francesco: Hurry up, Miguel!

Miguel: I'm not fast enough.

McQueen: You just want to avoid work.

When McQueen and Francesco arrived at the yards, they had a cheeky idea.

McQueen: Please sir, Miguel has volunteered to take more carts.

Francesco: He's very strong!

The yard manager agreed. Meanwhile, Carla was having a conversation with Axlerod.

Carla: I'm worried about Miguel.

Axlerod: Maybe his tank is leaking. You must check.

When Miguel finally arrived at the yards, McQueen and Francesco had just left.

Miguel: Why did McQueen and Francesco leave me so much carts? They know I don't feel well.

Miguel's driver: We must still take them.

So Miguel took his long line of carts.

Miguel's driver: C'mon, Miguel!

But it didn't work. Miguel had stopped altogether. Then, Carla arrived.

Carla: You okay, Miguel?

Miguel: No. I've broken down.

Miguel's operator uncoupled the carts. Then, Carla changed direction, and hooked up to Miguel.

Miguel: Thanks, Carla!

Carla and Miguel got to the harbour.

Axlerod: Hooray for Carla!

Then, he spoke to Miguel.

Axlerod: You did alright, Miguel. Even though you weren't well, you still tried to pull the heavy carts.

McQueen and Francesco felt embarrassed.

McQueen: Sorry, Miguel.

Francesco: We didn't know you were REALLY ill.

Axlerod: Go and get Miguel's carts right now!

McQueen: Yes, sir.

Soon, Miguel was fixed, and back on work.

Carla: You look a lot better.

Miguel: Well, the fixed my tank, but forgot to look at my brakes, my headlights, my squeaky tires.

Carla: It's alright, Miguel.

Poor Miguel.

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