One day, Numbuh 5 was helping Princess Celestia reorganize her library. "This is really quite the help, Numbuh 5," said Princess Celestia, "Twilight would usually come and help, but she's so busy in her own, and nobody else got the chance to lend a hand."

"It's no problem; Numbuh 5's team has a library in the treehouse, and the team constantly puts Numbuh 5 on organization duty," the human girl explained. Celestia let out a slight chuckle. As Numbuh 5 continued looking for any out-of-place books, she came across one of this title:

The Greatest Threats To All Cartoon Kind

"Princess, what is this book about?" Numbuh 5 asked, staring at the book inquiringly. There were so many weird things about it: the printing date was this year, but it looked like it was at least half a century old. The pages were slightly torn, faded to yellow, and the spine wasn't all that stable. "That is a book about the many dangerous characters and objects in the cartoon world," explained the Princess. Numbuh 5 turned only a few pages, and already she found one person-or rather creature-who was labelled as "possibly the biggest threat of all" in one of the sentences. She looked at the top and saw an unusual name......

The creature was known as "Discord".

"Princess," Numbuh 5 asked, half curiously and half frightened, "Who is 'Discord'?" The Princess didn't know how to explain it, so she answered, "I'm not quite sure if I can explain. Here, take the book, and return it when you're done. It'll give you your answers."

Numbuh 5 went back to the treehouse, where she told Numbuh 2 all about what happened. She then started reading the book aloud to Numbuh 2. Numbuh 2 looked uninterested, and was, until Numbuh 5 reached a certain part of the chapter. " 'Discord is most infamous for disturbing the natural balance of anything. He can disrupt anything's balance, from the weather to a person's personality,' " Numbuh 5 read. "The book says that after he was petrified, he was somehow reawoken. Who do you think brought him back?" Numbuh 2 asked, reading along with his friend as he craned his neck over and looked toward the bottom of the page. Numbuh 5 looked, and explained, "The book says a foolish traveler, who wasn't from Equestria, said something that broke the stone encasing and let him free. Or so the legends say. A picture of the guy's silohette is in the corner of the page."

The two looked at the picture. The shadow suggested that the man was bald, unusually fat, and didn't have legs, but a coiled tail on the bottom. The shadow was shown speaking to the Discord statue.

"Numbuh 5?"

"Yeah Numbuh 2?"

"You don't think that guy's?....."

Then they both realized something shocking: that man looked just like Mr. Baldwin!!!! This worried the two KND operatives, so they left.

Off to confront Mr. Baldwin.

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