After a while, Numbuhs 5 and 2 arrived at Baldwin's apartment. Baldwin wasn't exactly used to anything other than fish coming to his home, so a resonable reaction was given: "AAAH!! Why are there HUMAN kids in a FISH neighborhood!?!?!" "No time to explain," said Numbuh 2, "but we have something vitally important to ask you." "Are you the man in this picture?" Numbuh 5 asked without hesitation. The seahorse paused, looking at the corner of the page, before quickly slamming the door. "HEY! OPEN THIS DOOR BACK UP!!!" Numbuh 2 screamed, pounding on the door. Mr. Baldwin opened the door back up, exclaiming, "Quick! Get in here! This will explain everything!!"

After the three were inside, Mr. Baldwin shut the door and locked every single lock on it. "Look, I see know your curious fear, and I'll bear all," said the middle aged seahorse, "A while ago, I went hiking in the forest in front of the castle, and I came across a statue of a creature. It was part dragon, part goat, part deer, part eagle, part lion, and part pony, with some sort of insect-like wings. I got closer. I stared at the statue, then I spotted a carving on a brick of the castle."

"What did it say?" asked Numbuh 5.

"Little did I know, it was a spell. It said, 'Petrified creature, standing tall with great power, a command this barrier to release you!' I didn't know it applied to this statue! Luckily, the statue's not anywhere near us, so we should be fine!"

However, it was NOT fine. Someone was waiting in the rafters, listening to every word of this confession.

And little did Baldwin and the two operatives know, they were going to face a horrific, unspeakable danger......

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