The mysterious eavesdropper didn't hesitate to leave unnoticed. They slipped away into the vent, where they crawled out of the building, heading toward Equestria. After a few hours of traveling, the eavesdropper finally came across the castle and the statue. They quickly looked for the brick with the inscription on it. Upon finding it, the eavesdropper recited, quietly, yet clearly:

" 'Petrified creature,

Standing tall with great power,

I command this barrier to release you!!' "

Suddenly, a cracking sound was heard. The stone encasing was breaking down, unmasking the horrible creature known as Discord........

The next morning, Numbuh 2 was the first operative to wake up in his Sector. It was raining that morning, so he prepared for the storm (you know: umbrella, jacket, all that jazz). When he got outside, however, he didn't smell the usual smell of heavy rainfall.

He was treated to the smell of chocolate.

"NUMBUH 5!!!!!!!" Numbuh 2 yelled loudly, flipping out. "What!?" yelled Numbuh 5, still in her PJs when she arrived to the door. Numbuh 2 pointed toward the entire scene, and both of them stared at the mess. Chocolate milk was scattered on every street, roof, and tree! "Chocolate rain?" Numbuh 5 asked, completelly confused and slightly shocked. They both wondered the same thing: how could it possibly rain chocolate milk? "What the heck happened?" Numbuh 5 asked, still too confused to comprehend. That's when Numbuh 2 remembered something.

"Numbuh 5?"


"Remember how the book said that Discord could disrupt the balance of the weather?"


"Well, you don't think?........."

They both froze in terror. They realized that the only way that this could happen is if Discord was reawoken. They both freaked out, and tried to wake up everyone else, but none of the other operatives believed them. "Numbuh 2! They won't listen to us! Do you know what this means!?" Numbuh 5 asked in fear. "Yes," Numbuh 2 answered, "We have to tell Celestia!"

The two children ran as fast as they could for the castle. They were suprised to find the Princess already standing in front of the pedestal in which the acursed dragon once stood. The Princess turned, looking at the two kids. "Children," Celestia said, grief in her voice and in her eyes, "I'm afraid...." "We already know, Princess," explained Numbuh 2, "We were coming to tell you. That is, until now."

"How could this happen?" Numbuh 5 asked, fearful and full of grief, "How could Discord have arisen again?" They then heared a haunting laughter; an image of Discord appeared on a nearby window. "Well, I think I can spare you the details," Discord told them, with an expression of sly glee in his eyes, "An associate of mine snuck into Baldwin's apartment and listened in on your conversation, then they used the spell that I carved into that brick!" He pointed at the brick with the inscription, then continued, "I carved it a long time ago, before any of you had even heared of me. It was just in case this sort of thing happened. And it's all thank to you, Abby!"

Both of the children and the Princess were shocked. "What do you mean it's my fault?" Numbuh 5 asked, angered, fearful, and confused. "Well, from what I've heared so far, you stumbled across a book, you learned about me, you and your little boyfriend went to Baldwin's apartment, and an associate I hired around the same time I carved into that brick snuck in and eavesdropped. You fell for my trap! Thank you, Abigail! Because you and your boyfriend helped me, your death will be quick, painless, at the same place, and at the same time!" Discord exlained. He then said, "Well, I've got to go. I've got havoc to reek and lives to make miserable. Ta-ta!"

"Oh my gosh!" Numbuh 5 exclaimed.

"What have we done?!" Numbuh 2 asked fearfully.

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