And so, Misery led all the other cartoons to Discord's liar; an abandoned mansion that was in good shape despite how old it was. "Alright Discord! We have you surrounded! Come out!" Numbuh 5 ordered. The evil laughter of Discord was heared, and he quickly appeared in front of them. "It's over now Discord," Numbuh 2 said, "your reign is finished!"

"Oh, but, don't you want to save your friend first?" Discord asked. "What do you mean?" Kick asked, unsure of what Discord was talking about. Discord flew up, revealing that behind him was a cage, and inside the cage was Harold. "Help!! Please!" Harold cried out. "You have a choice," explained Discord, "you either save your nerdy friend here, or you can stop me." There were downsides to both choices: if they saved the world, Discord would probably kill Harold, but if they saved Harold, Discord would overthrow the cartoon world. "Wait a sec," Numbuh 2 said, "I've got a plan!!"

The entire team hudled, and Numbuh 2 explained the plan. "Alright, here's what we'll do," Numbuh 2 explained, "there's enough of us to do both of our options. Misery, Numbuh 5, Kick, and I will go free Harold. The rest: go stop Discord. Let's do this!!!"

Numbuh 2's team left to free Harold, which they managed to do successfully. "Thanks guys! I owe you one," said Harold. Suddenly, the team heared screams, groans, and crying. Almost everyone else was injured from the fight. Not even the ponies' Elements of Harmony could stop him. "Fools! Didn't you know? You won't win this," Discord said, a look of triumph in his eyes, "You thought that even with your large team you could stop me? Ha! Don't make me laugh."

"Is this what it's come to?" asked Misery, "Are we going to have to deal with Discord being our dictator? With either being enslaved, morose, or dead?!"

This seemed like the end, like Discord had been the victor. But, all was not really lost, because that's when a miracle happened...............

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