What If Love Live! Had An English Dub is a theory by Princess Dynasti.

It shows what happens if Love Live! had an English dub.

List of Them

  1. Honoka Kousaka will be voiced by Kate Bristol
  2. Kotori Minami will be voiced by Stephanie Sheh
  3. Umi Sonoda will be voiced by Luci Christian
  4. Hanayo Koizumi will be voiced by Kate Higgins
  5. Rin Hoshizora will be voiced by Laura Bailey
  6. Maki Nishikino will be voiced by Leah Clark
  7. Nico Yazawa will be voiced by Sherry Lynn
  8. Eli Ayase will be voiced by Brina Palencia
  9. Nozomi Toujou will be voiced by Karen Strassman
  10. Here are the name changes for characters:
    1. Honoka Kousaka's name will change to Sally McComiskey
    2. Kotori Minami's name will change to Brigida Magil
    3. Umi Sonoda's name will change to Alexia Ammons
    4. Hanayo Koizumi's name will change to Pia Maffioli
    5. Rin Hoshizora's name will change to Dorelle Bochner
    6. Maki Nishikino's name will change to Cosetta Ortiz
    7. Nico Yazawa's name will change to Nicole Linz
    8. Eli Ayase's name will change to Pierette Colburn
    9. Nozomi Toujou's name will change to Aurelia Osowiecki

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