What If The Loud House Had a Japanese Dub is a theory by Princess Dynasti.

It shows what happens if The Loud House gets a Japanese dub.

List of Them

  1. It had the actors and actresses:
    1. Minami Takayama As Lincoln Loud
    2. Nana Mizuki As Lori Loud
    3. Eri Kitamura As Leni Loud
    4. Miyuki Sawashiro As Luna Loud
    5. Kana Hanazawa As Luan Loud
    6. Aoi Yuuki As Lynn Loud
    7. Emiri Katou As Lucy Loud
    8. Megami Han As Lola Loud
    9. Wasabi Mizuta As Lana Loud
    10. Ayane Sakura As Lisa Loud
    11. Ootani Ikue As Lily Loud
    12. Hiroaki Hirata As Dad
    13. Rica Matsumoto As Clyde

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