What If The Loud House Has A Daria-Inspired Closing Credits is Ann idea by Princess Dynasti.

It shows the idea on what it looks like to have The Loud House to have a Daria-inspired closing credits. It has the Loud House characters dressing up as a fictional character, singer, occupation (for example: Lori as a librarian), and as an animal.

List of Them

  1. In Season 1, it included Lincoln, his sisters, his parents, Clyde McBride, Bobby Santiago, and Ronnie Anne Santiago.
    1. Lincoln as a prince
    2. Lori as a librarian
    3. Leni as Serena van der Woodsen
    4. Luna as the Mona Lisa
    5. Luan as a saleswoman
    6. Lynn as a raptor
    7. Lucy as a vampire
    8. Lola as Chanel Oberlin
    9. Lana as a skater girl
    10. Lisa as Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory (in the style of Genndy Tartakovsky)
    11. Lily as Chowder
    12. Rita and Lynn Sr. as the American Gothic
    13. Clyde McBride as a basketball player
    14. Bobby Santiago as a surfer
    15. Ronnie Anne Santiago as a spy in a black catsuit
  2. In Season 2, Howard McBride, Harold McBride, Zach, Liam, Haiku, Rusty Spokes, Giggles, Tabby, and Polly Pain were introduced.
    1. Lincoln as Steven Universe
    2. Lori as a French lady
    3. Leni as a lady in the Pulp Fiction poster
    4. Luna as Avril Lavigne
    5. Luan as a comedienne with a microphone telling a joke
    6. Lynn as Reggie Rocket
    7. Lucy laying down in her coffin
    8. Lola as a bride
    9. Lana as a groom
    10. Lisa as a nerd
    11. Lily as a squirrel
    12. Rita and Lynn Sr. as a cheerleader and a jock
    13. Clyde McBride as Brian from The Breakfast Club
    14. Bobby Santiago as a French boy (with Lori)
    15. Ronnie Anne Santiago as a stereotypical anime schoolgirl
    16. Haiku as a vampire countess
    17. Giggles as Luan Loud
    18. Tabby as Ginger Spice
    19. Polly Pain as a jack-in-the-box
    20. Liam as a chicken
    21. Zach as Justin Timberlake
    22. Rusty Spokes as a hip hop rapper

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