We all know that Blue Mountain Mystery had 3 flashbacks of old model episodes. Well, I wonder if maybe, they could add a few more extra flashbacks from the other engines. The Misty Island Rescue stock footage can be kept.

The Transcript

  • (Thomas backs into Tidmouth Sheds)
  • Percy: What's the matter, Thomas? You haven't said hello.
  • Thomas: I'm sorry, Percy. I was thinking.
  • Percy: What about?
  • Narrator: Thomas had to be careful. He couldn't talk about Luke, even to his best friend.
  • Thomas: What do you all think is the worst thing an engine could do? Something really bad?
  • Percy: One of the worst things that I've ever done was when I was trying to sneak up on the coaches and I crashed right into the Fat Controller's baggage trolley! Baggage, clothes and sticky jam flew up into the air and fell over me and the Fat Controller! He was very cross with me.
  • Henry: You didn't mean to crash into the baggage trolley, Percy. It was an accident. I think what I did was far worse. I rufused to leave the tunnel because I didn't want to get my paint in the rain. The Fat Controller was really cross. So cross, in fact, he walled me up in the tunnel. That was bad.
  • Edward: I can remember when I was given the job of carrying the mail. I didn't want to ask how to deliver the mail in case I looked silly. So, I ended up giving the wrong parcels to the wrong places. I was very ashamed.
  • Gordon: Once, I didn't want to pull trucks. I was cross. When Edward pushed me to the turntable, I grumbled and wanted to jam the turntable. So, when the turntable was half way round, I moved forward, but couldn't stop myself, and slithered into a ditch.
  • James: I know how you felt. I did two things bad. First, I wheeshed steam all over the Fat Controller's hat. Then, I banged the coaches so hard, I made a hole in one of them and it had to be replaced by a passenger's bootlace.
  • Emily: I know one. I was once told to take the express. I was excited and less patient. I left the brake coach, made Bertie's passengers stranded and bumped my passengers. I knew I wasn't as good as Gordon. He's better at pulling the express.
  • Toby: Hang on. There was a day I had to take some flour to the market. I was so busy watching the windmill sails that I forgot to watch where I was going. I made the trucks crash and made flour fly everywhere. I had done the baddest thing ever.
  • Thomas: Here's one. Do you remember the day I was shunting trucks at the mine? I knew I shouldn't chuff pass the DANGER sign, but I wanted to see what would happen if I did. I steamed right past it into a siding and fell down into the mine!
  • Emily: I heard that story. That was very bad.
  • Thomas: But not bad enough to be sent away from Sodor forever.
  • Percy: Forever? That would be terrible.
  • Edward: Unthinkable.
  • James: What about Diesel? He pushed the logs of the bridge and into the sea.
  • Emily: But even he wasn't sent away from Sodor.
  • Henry: He actually had been sent away a few times before. Like remember his first few days on Sodor? He told the trucks that Duck gave Gordon, James, and I rude nicknames, and we BELIEVED him!
  • Gordon: The Fat Controller had then sent him away, but gave him another chance afterward.
  • Toby: Mavis wasn't sent away, even though she ignored my warnings, then came to a crossing, and stopped in the wrong place.
  • Percy: George wasn't, either, even though he wouldn't get out of Duck's way to clear a truck from the line, and Gordon bashed right into it. Not to mention the time before that when he tarmacked the level crossing the wrong way, and sent Thomas off the rails.
  • Narrator: The engines? fell silent, then as the stars twinkled over Tidmouth Sheds, one by one, the engines fell asleep. All except Thomas.
  • Thomas: Don't worry, Luke. I'll find a way to help you.

Good, eh? It's almost like a deleted scene. Here are the episodes mentioned:

  • A Scarf for Percy
  • The Sad Story of Henry
  • Edward and the Mail
  • Off the Rails
  • James and the Coaches
  • As Good as Gordon
  • Toby's Windmill
  • Down the Mine
  • Misty Island Rescue
  • Dirty Work (Season 2)
  • Mavis
  • Bye George

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